Lisbon with children

Jul 18 2017


Lisbon is a child-friendly city as well as a quite affordable destination in Europe. It's a fascinating city to simply wander around with the kids and our four days' break was fascinating for my 10 year old son Diego who could appreciate the beauty of old buildings and art.  

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3 Ways to Master Post-Natal Fitness

Jul 16 2017

Having a baby is going to be one of the most pivotal points in your life. As well as a new addition to your family and new responsibilities, you also have to get used to your body looking and feeling very different. You may still be feeling some aches and pains, and lack your usual levels of energy. Most new mums are also suffering from some form of sleep deprivation. All of this can pile up, so whether post natal fitness is something you rearing to get started with or the furthest thing from your mind, we have compiled a list of 3 elements you should always remain mindful of.

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London Mum & star author Alice Tait reveals how the British Capital inspires her work

Jul 13 2017

I am honoured to share my chat with London Mum & star author Alice Tait who reveals how the British Capital inspires her work in this exclusive interview. She also has created a special logo for London Mums which we are using for three special issues. You can view the first one here.

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