How Safe is Your Home?

Jun 03 2017

The health and happiness of children in our care is of vital importance to us and we always do our best to keep them safe. However, every year around 2 million children attend A&E due to accidents and more children die each year due to accidents than from illnesses such as leukaemia or meningitis.  

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Summer Tutoring. Yes or no?

May 31 2017


My previous two blogs have covered the question of when you should and shouldn’t tutor your child and, if you decide to do so, what you should look for in a tutor. At this time of year, parents’ thoughts turn to the summer holidays and whether a child will need tutoring support during that long break. In principle, the summer holidays should be a time of play and relaxation for school children. However, whilst allowing time for that essential break, there are some circumstances when tutoring would greatly benefit a child over the summer.

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Body Image and Young Children

May 25 2017


Body Image is a big issue these days and this blog aims to tackle it as well as to provide parents with thoughts and ideas.


A healthy girl is standing in front of a mirror pinching her stomach. She turns sideways and breathes in…she looks upset and makes a face at her reflection. ‘At Nursery someone said I was fat. I wish I didn’t have a fat tummy. I’d like to look like Lily, she’s pretty’ The girl is 3. 10 years ago, the idea that pre-school children would be anxious about how they looked was almost unheard of but for many parents this sort of comment from their child has now become the new normal.  

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