Exclusive interview with TV presenter & London Mum Konnie Huq

Jul 06 2014
Konnie Huq at The Prince's Trust Celebrate Success Awards at Odeon Leicester Square on 23 March 2011 in London

Enjoy this exclusive interview with TV presenter & London Mum Konnie Huq, best known for presenting the Xtra Factor. 

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Are mothers innovators? Here is what it takes to be Mothers of Innovation

Jun 24 2014
Julia Lalla-Maharajh in Senegal 
Image Credit: The Orchid Project

I recently attended the Mothers of Innovation conference with inspirational speakers showcasing examples (often personal) of initiatives and programmes created by mothers and implemented in Africa, Middle East and Scotland that led to positive changes within societies.

If there is a message that I came away with is that there’s no stopping mums, who are incredibly caring human beings capable of anything and moved by love, passion and compassion. This is why I am proud of our London Mums organisation made of women who give it all to both families and society. Mothers have great qualities that make them innovators and this is why all projects presented have the common denominator of creating mothers’ communities empowered with knowledge and parenting skills that have improved families and people.

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Mumdex Manifesto: Mums hit hardest by the increased costs of living while contributing £37.2 billion to the UK economy

May 09 2014

Yesterday I went to the House of Commons for the launch of the first in a series of special Mumdex reports carried out by supermarket chain Asda in the run up to the 2015 election. With a year to go until voters take to the polls to elect the next British Government, all parties are starting to target parents to get them on their side. The Mumdex reports are regular surveys aimed at tracking the mood of Britain’s mums as well as their views on today’s political system, whether they plan to vote and what issues will affect their choice of political party. Why mums? They count for 80% of the 18 million customers that shop at Asda every week!

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