5 Ways To Gain Rock Star Exposure For Your Business

Oct 02 2014
5 ways to gain rock star exposure for your business

Rock stars have all the fun, don’t they?

They’re in the limelight all the time and their fans follow everything they say and do.

Which makes their fans perfect advocates for their brand. Their message gets spread far and wide, which results in – yep you’ve guessed it – more fans!

For the likes of you and me running our own business, gaining rock star exposure doesn’t seem at all possible does it?

It probably doesn’t even sound sensible let alone possible – after all, you’ve got a business to run. Things to do. People to see. Bills to pay.

Serious work!

Actually, gaining rock star exposure isn’t as far-fetched as you might think.

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Flexible work opportunities for mums with The Home Club

Sep 28 2014
the building game home image 22

I know a lot of you mums out there would love to go back to work. You may have a child and feel like there is just something holding you back from getting back to work, like child-care, or that sudden lack of flexibility you will suffer from stepping back into the office.

Believe me, I have lost count of the number of times my mum has told me she gave up a brilliant career to mother the four of us, as well as 2 step brothers. She claims that she doesn’t have the time to go back to work anymore, to which I respond “What if there was something you really wanted to do? Would you find the time?”

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PR Support for Mumpreneurs

Sep 23 2014
PR Banner

You have just started your kitchen table business and you don’t have marketing budget. You just need to build a website and create content for it but don’t know where to start. You have been told to write a press release to announce the launch of your product, service or business but you don’t know how to do it. You want to ramp up your social media presence but you don’t have the experience. Sounds familiar?

Most start-up and mumpreneurs’ businesses don’t have money to waste in marketing and public relations, especially at the beginning. Public Relations can be very efficient and cost-effective but you can also burn a lot of time/money if you don’t know how to do it. Publicity is about spreading the word effectively through media coverage. Big PR agencies are expensive and are often run by people who have no children and do not understand the risks attached to family-run businesses.

I can help you set your operation up and teach you how to do it with affordable DIY PR tools and training.

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