Are you suffering from Imposter syndrome?

Mar 12 2015
imposter syndrome cats

Simone was a successful Marketing Manager, well respected and high achieving – she had outperformed her counterparts on a number of occasions, and yet, she was constantly waiting to be found out, and lived in terror of the day when someone was going to walk into her office and ask what on earth she thought she was doing in such a high powered job.
And it’s not just those in senior positions who suffer from these kind of feelings, research shows that around 70% of us feel we aren’t worthy of the job we are doing at some point in our careers. Research by Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes reveals that an estimated 2 out of every 5 successful people consider themselves frauds. Why is this and, why are women, in particular, more vulnerable to something commonly known as Imposter Syndrome?

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Why toddlers and computers do not mix – what to avoid when you work from home

Jan 23 2015
what to avoid when working from home

I should have seen it coming.  It was a glorious hot summer’s day and I’d promised the kids a picnic in the park.  But the temptation to check my Inbox was far too strong.

As any homeworking parent knows too well, juggling work and the summer holidays is no mean feat.  You have to somehow entertain the kids, keep them out of mischief and keep your work ticking along at the same time.

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Opportunity for mums: Get paid to review next season’s fashion items

Jan 06 2015
women holding clothing review next season's fashion items

Happy New Year London Mums!

Are you feeling the pinch after Christmas? Here is a great way to earn some money this long cold month. pay mums like you to review music, yep, get paid to sit and review stuff! Slicethepie are just breaking in to the fashion market and will now pay you to review next season’s fashion items!

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