A Mum’s Working from Home Guide

May 11 2017


Housework, walking the dog, laundry, there are plenty of distractions around the computer desk that can take you away from your work when you are working from home. Adding children into the mix can make it seem impossible to actually get any work done.

When you’re undertaking work from home with a baby or child in tow, you will face many challenges. There are some things you can do to find a better work-life balance. Here is a guide that will allow you to continue to be a fantastic mum, as well as get some work done.


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Inspirational Mums: Rita Kobrak & her Italian holidays for mums

Apr 01 2017
Here is another interview in my series of inspirational mums. This week I have chatted to Rita Kobrak about her Italian holidays for mums. She is the host of the London Mums' Tuscan trip 19-23 June 2017 which mums and families can join. See details of how to book here.

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Mumpreneur’s testimonial: Inspiration from Karina Grassy, a very special London Mum

Mar 10 2017
Once a London Mum, always a London Mum. Karina Grassy has come a long way from when I first met her in East Sheen 10 years ago. Then she used to be a single mum with big ideas. Not different from the famous JK Rowling, Karina has also started small and grown her career steadily. After setting up her first business Not Just Pink selling good quality baby products from Germany to the UK, she acquired the well-known baby sleeping bag company Slumbersac and the rest is history.

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