Do Blogging & Social Media cause you Anxiety? You may need a Digi Detox …

Sep 08 2014
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Every Summer at the end of the school year, I head off to Italy and I start a period of real digi detox by switching off my social media due to high roaming charges on the smartphone. The result is increased quality time spent reading, writing and deep thinking not to mention the added family activities.

My digi detox also involves no TV or screen time of any kind (except for my checking work emails).

Walking and talking with friends (the so-called Yackety Yackety ritual), fine dining as well as practising more sport or fitness replace the social media & blogging frenzy.

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EXCLUSIVE! World-renowned photographer Anne Geddes talks babies and her 30-year career

Aug 15 2014
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EXCLUSIVE! World-renowned photographer Anne Geddes talks babies and her 30-year career at the launch of a global health campaign to highlight the impact of meningitis. 

Bacterial meningitis is the leading infectious killer in children under 53 and MenB is the leading cause; the disease can result in death within 24 hours and life-long disabilities for survivors. Some of these survivors have been portrayed by iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes for a unique global photography project, which aims to raise awareness of deadly bacterial meningitis and encourage parents to be vigilant for the signs and symptoms. Editor Monica Costa had the honour to exclusively interview her while in London.

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Want a better work-life balance? Try going slow…

Jul 24 2014

The thorny issue of work-life balance never seems to go away, particularly for working parents who are often so under pressure to stretch their time available to fit everything in that they can feel like an elastic band about to snap! Interestingly I was listening to a radio programme recently where 3 people were seeking help to slow their lives down. The volunteers had noticed how they never seemed to have enough time at work or at home to get everything done that they needed to, how their to do lists were ever growing and how those around them never received quality time from them.

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