Get creative: Make story starters with the kids

Jul 22 2014
Story Starter - Final option 2_logo

Films can be great story starters to introduce kids to storytelling and the Summer can be a great time as children need to be entertained. Outdoor activities are essential but during the downtime and relaxation time, a combination of movies, games and books is brilliant to get them busy for a long time.

Check this art & craft idea created by blogger Kelly Ladd Sanchez who teamed up with Netflix to help mums engage their kids by keeping their creativity sharp with these colorful, easy-to-make story starters. Instructions are very simple to follow.

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Art & Craft for kids: How to make your own Caxirola (a Maraca-type of instrument) to cheer up your favourite World Cup Team

May 28 2014
caxirola collage

If you have boys in the house, you may have noticed that they are already getting all excited looking forward to the Brazil Football World Cup this Summer. Let’s channel this excitement through to Footy-themed art & craft. After the success of the Vuvuzela in South Africa, the footballing nation is looking for this summer’s cheerleading instrument. Step forward the Caxirola, the official musical instrument for the big matches in Brazil. Based on the African caxixi, the Maraca-like instrument is a closed plastic basket with a flat-bottom filled with small synthetic particles. Shake it horizontally or vertically – but if you shake it vertically it makes twice the amount of noise! So what are you waiting for, get match ready by making your very own Caxirola out of empty Pringles cans.

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Easy DIY – Family Friendly Refurbishments

May 18 2014
open plan kitchen

A family home has so many demands placed on it that it’s a wonder any property stands up to the wish list we devise for our safety, comfort and pleasure. But believe it or not, it is completely possible to achieve a home that works for your needs without losing your sanity! The big thing is to be perfectly honest with yourself about how your home needs to work. Yes, you may be hankering after clean lines and a Scandi vibe, but will that work with your lifestyle? If you work from home for example, it’s a good idea to have your work area away from the main living space. And don’t forget, open plan living is noisy – there is no getting away from the sound of the kitchen when you want to relax and watch telly.

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