Pretend Play ideas with Little Chef & his New Sprouts Fresh Fruit Salad

Aug 24 2015
Pretend Play ideas with Little Chef & his New Sprouts Fresh Fruit Salad diego

The New Sprouts Fresh Fruit Salad box by Learning Resources (for Early Years 2+) has given our child reporter Diego lots of ideas for pretend play. Watch his funny video while he pretends to be a little chef.

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How to use real Science tools for little scientist experiments

Aug 17 2015
little scientist

Experiments are a great part of science that allow children of all ages to engage in fun and exciting hands on learning experiences that they will enjoy. Little scientist Diego shows in his videos how to use real science tools for simple experiments which are very effective to learn basic scientific concepts. In his videos he experiments with different things and observes what happens, which substances react with each other and which don’t. It’s fun to see his little faces when some of the results are surprising or not as expected.

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Little Banker teaches kids how to use money with numeracy games

Aug 10 2015
Numeracy games with Little Banker money maths diego

Children love buying things and seem to understand the concept of purchasing in exchange for money already at nursery school from 3+. But after they turn 6 they really start learning difficult numeracy and are handed real money to spend by their parents as weekly allowances for good behaviour. This is when understanding the value of money becomes essential. Little Banker Coin Matching Game by Learning Resources is a great game to learn how to recognise coins for children between 6 and 12.

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