Take 5 minutes to … change your life

Jun 27 2016

Having big goals in life is great, over the years working with people I have learnt that making small changes to your habits and lifestyle have a huge impact on your health and happiness. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be hard! Simply doing a few things differently can make a massive difference to your happiness, health and well-being.

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Ask the doctor: Dr Anshumen Bhagat answers our reader’s question on Perimenopause

Jun 20 2016
The London Mums messaging receives questions for experts all the time. One of the topics that has often come up is Perimenopause so we asked a top doctor to she some insights on this hot topic, the creator behind the new doctor-on-demand app GPDQ, Dr Anshumen Bhagat, who is a health and wellbeing expert, as well as a GP with 15 years’ experience straddling the NHS and private healthcare sectors simultaneously. Dr Bhagat responds to a London Mums' reader regarding pre-menopause based on his medical expertise.

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Eaten a laundry pod – what to do

Jun 06 2016
Eaten a laundry capsule - how to help
Recent headlines announced as part of Child Safety week state that thirty children EACH day are being poisoned by liquid laundry detergent pods.

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