Nose Bleeds – how to help

Jun 28 2014
nose bleed

Small children frequently get nose bleeds as they have small blood vessels in their noses which dilate and burst when they get warm, this is particularly likely in warm weather, when they are rushing around, or at night when they snuggle under the bed clothes. Children often pick and poke their noses and are prone to running into things, all of which can result in bleeding noses.

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Using yoga to tone for the beach

Jun 26 2014

We all know that feeling of wanting to have the best bikini body on the beach but not wanting to move from the comfort of our home to exercise. Well, did you know that not only can yoga help calm the mind, yoga postures also have the added benefits of giving you a gorgeously toned body and core. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t even have to leave the house to practice and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Unlike running there’s no need to brave the wind and rain outside and you can practise your breathing techniques (pranayama) and postures (Asana) in a way that will help you emotionally unwind while simultaneously strengthening and toning your body. Here are some tips to use yoga to tone for the beach.

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7 Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Jun 21 2014
Flickr Creative Commons

Running around after your child can be exhausting, but staying up and worrying could deprive you of needed sleep. You don’t want to take medications for they may put you out in a way that doesn’t allow you to awake if your newborn is crying. However, there are several foods that actually help in promoting sleep that isn’t harmful to yourself or your breastfeeding baby.

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