What you can and can’t do during pregnancy

Jun 19 2017


Pregnancy can often be a confusing time for women. There are those of us that love training and staying fit and want to continue our routines and it can feel like we are being told to stop completely. Even if you are not usually very active, it can feel like a logical time to start a gentle routine to stay in good shape and feel strong for the upcoming birth, but again, it is difficult to know where to start if you are completely inexperienced.  In this article we aim to give you some general guidelines for pregnancy fitness.


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How Safe is Your Home?

Jun 03 2017

The health and happiness of children in our care is of vital importance to us and we always do our best to keep them safe. However, every year around 2 million children attend A&E due to accidents and more children die each year due to accidents than from illnesses such as leukaemia or meningitis.  

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Febrile Convulsions

Jan 22 2017
Imagine how you would feel if your child suddenly went rigid, became totally unresponsive and started to twitch in front of you. Febrile convulsions are the most common kind of seizure and can be incredibly frightening. They occur most frequently in babies and young children who are unwell and have a rising body temperature, which results in them fitting. They are remarkably common, affecting 2-5% of children under five years.

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