Health in the City: Menopause

Nov 08 2014
menopause 1 woman sitting

London Mums have joined forces with BMI Healthcare to encourage women in London to be more aware of the issues surrounding their health and wellbeing in the capital. In this article we look at the menopause and what you need to know.

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FIRST AID: Everyday items you can use for first aid

Oct 17 2014

You know what it’s like, your little one bangs their knee and it’s mass pandemonium all round. After cleaning up their bump, it’s a mad dash to find a Batman plaster in all the chaos. You stomp on a renegade piece of Lego in all chaos of finding your first aid kit and end up injured yourself in the process. But did you know you can use a number of everyday household items to treat injuries if you don’t have a first aid kit to hand? 

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Tips to help children with Asthma

Oct 09 2014
asthma inhaler health

According to the charity Asthma UK more children with asthma are rushed to hospital when school starts than at any other time of the year. One of the main culprits in this increase in attacks seems to be that many children forget to use their preventer inhalers over the summer holidays; as a result this leaves them much more vulnerable to asthma attacks at the start of the autumn term when the cold and flu season begins.

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