First Aid for Bumps and Bruises

May 14 2015
child falling off bike

This article covers the important topic of first Aid for bumps and bruises. It is a vital part of children’s development learning to take measured risks and this means it is almost inevitable that they will hurt themselves. Most of these bumps and bruises will be minor, but it is vital that parents and carers have the skills and confidence to swiftly assess how seriously they are injured.

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How to Lose a Stone in 2 Weeks and Feel Great! Recipes included!

Feb 01 2015
Parcel-Baked Fish

Is your diet letting you down? Did you embark on a new eating and exercise programme with gusto at the turn of the year but it’s stopped working? If so, you are not alone! Quick fix diets are a great way to achieve early success which motivates us to keep going but many involve strict regimes with little flexibility and can be a hard slog.

I am a Nutritionist and author of 2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane and I believe the answer here is to make a super quick U turn before motivation deserts us. Here are my tips on how to Lose a Stone in 2 Weeks.

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NO New Year’s resolutions! Lifestyle detox is the MUST in 2015

Jan 05 2015
lifestyle detox

New Year’s resolutions suck and in 2015 I will use common sense to detox my lifestyle and live better. At the end of the day health is the most important thing in life! I have made a list of the key ingredients to live 2015 to the max.

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