Summer recipe: Strawberry Tiramisu

Jul 25 2016
strawberry recipe 2

I love using seasonal ingredients for my cooking and we have tried to make Strawberry Tiramisu inspired by Lubera Strawberries. If you get to make it, please send us your images and ideas to adapt the recipe to the little ones’ taste. Wimbledon season is over now and now that we have seen a glimpse of Summer we can cool down with something a little different. Strawberries and Cream is last year darlings, so for a change we have found this super Strawberry Tiramisu recipe from Pascale Treichler (gardener and cook extraordinaire).

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Recipe: Apricot and pistachio power balls by Davina McCall

Jun 26 2016

Here is an interesting and original recipe for Apricot and pistachio power balls courtesy of BBC Good Food Shows and designed by Davina McCall. Read my interview with Davina from our archives.

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Recipe: Quinoa Tabbouleh by Hemsley + Hemsley

Jun 25 2016
recipe quinoa-320x190

We love this recipe for Quinoa Tabbouleh by  Hemsley + Hemsley courtesy of BBC Good Food Shows. It is very colourful and healthy, ideal for the Summer. Having lots of colours in each plate is important as the colours correspond to various vitamins and nutrients.

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