Recipe: How to make a Dog sandwich

May 22 2014
Dog Sandwich netflix Funky-Lunch-Dogwithlogo.153049

Here is a simple recipe for a funky kids’ lunch provided by the Netflix team: how to make a Dog sandwich. You can make it and eat it while watching a dog movie. We love movies starring dogs and below you can find a selection of our favourite ones.

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Heston’s Roast leg of lamb

Apr 16 2014
Heston's Roast leg of lamb waitrose recipe

Great recipe for Roast leg of lamb donated by Heston you can make for Mother’s day or for Easter lunch. Definitely good for Spring meals!

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Recipe: Speedy summer lamb tagine

Apr 15 2014
Easter recipe summer lamb tagine waitrose recipe london mums magazine

Here is a Speedy summer lamb tagine recipe for your Easter family meal. It is fairly simple, tasty and will please kids too.

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