The honest Autumn Food Trends 2015

Sep 29 2015
Lemon Souffle 3 US

Forget about all the articles on food trends for 2015 predicting that we will be eating more insects, lard and weird new food. Mums have no time for this nonsense. We WON’T be cooking or eating these things anytime soon. At our dinner tables we want food that our children can love and remember when they will become adults. So here is London Mums’ honest guide to Autumn Food Trends 2015.

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Fab Food! Exclusive Five Minute Chat with Star Chef Michel Roux Junior

Jun 20 2015
Five Minute Chat with Star Chef Michel Roux Junior

If you love good food, you will enjoy London Mums’ five minute interview with Celebrity Chef Michel Roux Junior. 

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May 31 2015
Summer family adventures cooking collage

You may recall the article about the Meek Family GOING WITHOUT ELECTRICITY where they experimented living with no lighting. Now they are back and they try to cook without electricity. Let’s see how they get on.

Modern kitchens are full of electrical gadgets that we come to rely upon on a daily basis; microwaves, cookers and even toasters are everyday devices that heat up our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Without electricity, none of these will work… and that’s where the adventure begins! This project GOING WITHOUT ELECTRICITY – COOKING was extracted from 100 Family Adventures by the Meek family, published by Frances Lincoln (£14.99).

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