Mar 02 2016
FLAT WHITE MARTINI Baileys cocktail drink recipe party

Here is a simple recipe for a FLAT WHITE MARTINI which is very enjoyable at a party or during down times or special me-time sessions like Valentine or Mother’s Day.¬†

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Are You in the Mood For Love? Aphrodisiac foods for Valentine

Feb 05 2016
woman eating Chocolate 1

The hormones testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin play an important role in mood and desire and what you eat can do more than you might image to heighten both for a memorable Valentines Day! Here are some quick, easy and delicious suggestions, most of which can be eaten with your fingers Рthe very last thing you need on the 14th Feb is a load of washing up!

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My family recipe for Risotto ai cardi – Italian vegetarian rice with wild thistle

Jan 12 2016
risotto ai cardi My family recipe for Risotto ai cardi aka Italian vegetarian rice with wild thistle

Thistle is a very healthy vegetable and grows wild in Sardinia where I recently went to spend Christmas holidays with my family. Thistles are often sold on the streets by people who like going to the countryside for walks and find them in abundance everywhere and anytime especially in Winter (over Christmas). Risotto is usually great with all vegetables but Risotto ai cardi in particular is one of my favourite with its delicate and creamy flavour. I remember my mum making lots of dishes with thistle when I was living at home. Its smell brings back lots of lovely and nostalgic memory. I hope you will enjoy this dish as much as my family and I do. Rice with wild thistle is a Winter recipe and particularly suitable for coeliac, vegetarian and vegan people.

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