May 12 2015
Kids cook French book collage

This yummy recipe for Chicken breasts with garlic and parsley is extracted from Kids Cook French by Claudine Pepin, page 30, published by Quarry Books (£12.99), which is a great book that teaches you not just great recipe to feed the family but also some French in the process.

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Chef’s Table: How Massimo Bottura’s Risotto Cacio e Pepe changed people’s lives

May 11 2015
Massimo Bottura netflix torta al limone osteria-francescana-15

Netflix has recently released a new amazing documentary series called Chef’s Table that follows various world’s chefs in their culinary journey. The first one is my favourite, Italian Chef Massimo Bottura. He mobilised masses using social media when two earthquakes hit his hometown Modena in May 2012.

The quake damaged 400,000 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano crushing them into pieces. Concerned that this would damage the producers of the world’s most sold cheese, he spread the word for people to buy the smaller pieces of cheese to save the producers. And he created a dish inspired by this – Risotto Cacio e Pepe (risotto with cheese and pepper) – which he made by creating a broth from Parmigiano Reggiano grated to water over very low heat. Thanks to his campaign, all the Parmigiano was sold and nobody lost their jobs.

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Italian Star Chef Aldo Zilli exclusive: “Too much sugar turns my children into little animals”

Apr 04 2015
Chef Aldo Zilli with Sanjeeta Bains.Copyright 2013 © Sam Bagnall

Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli is married to actress Nikki. They have two children; Rocco, nine and seven-year-old Twiggy.  Aldo Zilli talks to Sanjeeta Bains about London,  family life and of course food, glorious food!

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