London Mums go to cookery school: Mexican Fiesta – Enchiladas part 1

Nov 11 2015
Enchiladas complete dish IMG_3015

When London Mums were invited to Waitrose Cookery School to learn how to prepare a 3-course meal for a Mexican Fiesta, I knew I was going to enjoy myself but did not expect to love it so much. The first recipe of our Mexican Fiesta is Enchiladas made from scratch. It is quite simple including making your own tortillas. 

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The honest Autumn Food Trends 2015

Sep 29 2015
Lemon Souffle 3 US

Forget about all the articles on food trends for 2015 predicting that we will be eating more insects, lard and weird new food. Mums have no time for this nonsense. We WON’T be cooking or eating these things anytime soon. At our dinner tables we want food that our children can love and remember when they will become adults. So here is London Mums’ honest guide to Autumn Food Trends 2015.

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Fab Food! Exclusive Five Minute Chat with Star Chef Michel Roux Junior

Jun 20 2015
Five Minute Chat with Star Chef Michel Roux Junior

If you love good food, you will enjoy London Mums’ five minute interview with Celebrity Chef Michel Roux Junior. 

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