Fashion: Handbag trends for Summer 2014

Jun 11 2014
We love fashion, don't we! Handbag trends for this Summer 2014 are quite quirky and bold. If you are a new mum or have had another baby, do not despair as fashion has landed in maternity and changing bags too. From geometric shapes and bold colours, here are Summer handbag trends for London Mums to look out for.

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Skin Spring cleaning and detoxing tips

May 03 2014
Many of us overindulge over the rainy and gloomy Winter. Whether that means we eat too much bad food, drink too much alcohol or have too many sleepless nights (or in some cases, all of the above...) during the Winter months, the resulting effects are usually etched all over our faces. These simple skin Spring cleaning and detoxing tips will help regain a young looking skin.

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Fashion: The little orange dress – Is Orange the new Black?

Mar 29 2014
the little orange dress

The pressure to look slimmer during the summer is huge. It's all in the perfectly sculpture body image that the media portraits everywhere. It seems we cannot, except we can actually. Over the years I have learnt that acceptance is the best thing to do to live better in my own skin. In fact after I turned the corner of the 40s I have started feeling more confident with my body image (without having slimmed down a single pound). Maturity has its advantages. And here I am wearing a little orange dress.

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