Ta da! It’s National Christmas Jumper day – London Mums reveal their favourite jumpers

Dec 18 2015
christmas jumper bridget jones

Today it’s National Christmas Jumper day, what jumper will you choose? Be sure to stand out from the crowd and rock some fun designs. London Mums favourite jumpers are ….. drum drum. Read below.

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Christmas Beauty Essentials – Gifting ideas

Dec 02 2015
xmas COMPO_PACKS_+_FRUITS_Myrtille_Cranberry

The Winter season is tough on our skin so it’s important during the festivities to treat our body like a temple. Here are my favourite Christmas Beauty Essentials to end the year with a glow.

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Fashion Trends: Autumn / Winter fashion for mums on the go

Oct 19 2015
Cherokee complete outfit argos

I love fashion and read magazines all the time showing amazing looking girls with perfect bodies displaying outfits I could only dream of, not just from the cost perspective but more importantly because I don’t have that figure and will never have it despite watching out what I eat and keeping fit.

Let’s face it! Normal mums on the go at school runs every day have to wear practical clothes, shoes and accessories. Nothing else would work. Surely we can dress up for parties and special occasions, but these are less frequent as we watch our social life disappear in front of our eyes.

This is why I have decided to get out there on the high street and find decent clothes and accessories for everyday use that still makes me look feminine and decent even during the school runs. Here is London Mums’ Autumn / Winter fashion for mums on the go.

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