How the Day Care of a Child Can Affect Sleep

May 05 2014
Day Care

Setting consistent bedtimes and creating a night time ritual isn’t always enough to ensure that children (and parents!) can get a great night of sleep. The foundation for a solid rest starts during the day time. Working with your spouse, your childcare provider, and yourself to make sure that your child gets a full night’s rest is imperative to keeping babies and parents happy.

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Children and wedding – Ways to keep children at weddings happy

Apr 17 2014
children at weddings

The wedding season is almost upon us! Regardless of how detailed your wedding planning is, there is one thing you cannot control. And no, I do not mean the weather, because umbrellas can take care of that – I’m referring to having children at weddings. Some brides plan separate games for kids in order to keep them occupied, while some opt out of inviting them all together.

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Childcare Costs Soar by 19% in 12 months

Jan 12 2014

Are we surprised about the rising cost of childcare year on year? I often give interviews to media about this topic which is the single most important issue for families in Britain and I say that mothers (or dads in turns) often decide to stay at home as they cannot afford childcare costs while our European counterparts only pay between the equivalent of £250 to £500 per month per full time childcare per child versus £1500 in London.

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