Baby Names

Feb 16 2015
Slumbersac toddlers sleep DARCIE-IMG_1512_sleeping_bag_legs

It’s always interesting to see how tastes and trends in baby names change over the years. Slumbersac recently held a baby name prize draw in which customers were asked to send the names that they chose for their babies in 2014, and hundreds of replies were received. The names ranged from the popular to the more obscure, and from the traditional to the more contemporary. Quite a few of the names were new to me, as were some of the spellings!

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Paid-for media opportunity for mums and babies to be part of a ‘How to Bath and Massage’ video – Email by 6 February 2015

Feb 03 2015
Memory Gate baby newborn photographers

Great Paid-for media opportunity for mums and babies.

A leading baby brand is currently looking for a mum and baby (under 8 months) who would like to feature in an instructional video on their YouTube channel (fee paid).

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Why do Babies Dribble?

Oct 04 2014
Dribblebuster MauveyLS900

Most babies will start to dribble or drool at around the age of three months. Fortunately a dribble bib helps keep baby’s clothes dry throughout the day, but without a bib a baby will be soaking wet from dribble very quickly. This is because the salivary glands are starting to work in preparation for solid foods but not capable of moving the saliva to the back of the mouth to swallow it.

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