Travelling with a young baby or toddler on your honeymoon

Jan 19 2016
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The thought of a relaxing honeymoon may have already been dashed by friends and family sharing their nightmares of travelling with children, but relax! Honeymoons and kids can work out happily ever after and that dream honeymoon you planned can be romantic and relaxing with a little advanced planning.

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My Darkest Parent Days

Jul 15 2015
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My name is Laura and I am a mother of two sweet little girls Niamh and Annie.
I would like to share with you my story as I am hoping it could help you, if you experience the same or similar problems with your kids.

My daughter Niamh is nearly three and she hasn’t been a good sleeper since birth, because she has allergies, asthma, hay fever, she is intolerant to dairy, so she has always had something that kept her awake. We were on our knees waking up to 20 times a night! When our second daughter Annie was born (now 1), we had to move each night between the two children, without any possibility of having sleep ourselves.

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Why Our Expectations of Child Sleep are Wrong

Mar 10 2015
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What do you expect of your child’s sleep?

Most expectations centre around the idea of a 7pm bedtime and 7am wake time. After all, children need twelve hours sleep per night don’t they? By the end of the first year, certainly most experts and guidelines suggest that this is the case.

While most parents expect newborns to wake regularly at night, the most prevailing belief is that by six months babies should be ‘sleeping through’ and have learnt the skill of ‘self soothing’. Most experts and even healthcare professionals believe that night feeds post six months are not only unnecessary, but problematic, and many parents are encouraged to drop them as soon as possible. All of this is incorrect.

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