Why Our Expectations of Child Sleep are Wrong

Mar 10 2015
child sleep

What do you expect of your child’s sleep?

Most expectations centre around the idea of a 7pm bedtime and 7am wake time. After all, children need twelve hours sleep per night don’t they? By the end of the first year, certainly most experts and guidelines suggest that this is the case.

While most parents expect newborns to wake regularly at night, the most prevailing belief is that by six months babies should be ‘sleeping through’ and have learnt the skill of ‘self soothing’. Most experts and even healthcare professionals believe that night feeds post six months are not only unnecessary, but problematic, and many parents are encouraged to drop them as soon as possible. All of this is incorrect.

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Is your baby coming up to weaning age? What you need to know!

Feb 19 2015

You have just about got in to a routine with your baby but before you know it the next big phase is lurking around the corner and soon you will need to introduce your baby to food.

For some this can be incredibly exciting but for others it can also be terrifying. There is so much conflicting information about weaning – the how and the when – it is no wonder that many of you end up getting confused.

Here are the really important things on weaning you need to know and the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Baby Names

Feb 16 2015
Slumbersac toddlers sleep DARCIE-IMG_1512_sleeping_bag_legs

It’s always interesting to see how tastes and trends in baby names change over the years. Slumbersac recently held a baby name prize draw in which customers were asked to send the names that they chose for their babies in 2014, and hundreds of replies were received. The names ranged from the popular to the more obscure, and from the traditional to the more contemporary. Quite a few of the names were new to me, as were some of the spellings!

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