Babies and children adjusting to new sleep time routines

May 13 2016

As the days grow longer and the evenings become shorter, it’s worth taking a few moments to think about the effect it can have on babies and children with regards to their sleep time routines. As young children can become quite sensitive to a forced change in their usual day-to-day business, with a few simple tips you can ease them in for the lighter evenings without having to completely worry about changing their bedtime routine.

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The art of swaddling

Mar 02 2016
Polka Party_Gro-snug

Why is swaddling such a popular and widely used technique? The reasoning behind this practice is to provide an enclosed environment that simulates the surroundings of the womb, helping your baby to stay calm and comfortable. A newborn baby often experiences spasms in their sleep, caused by their newly functioning startle reflex. Although this is completely natural, it can disturb a baby’s rest, and consequently the sleep of their exhausted parents. Keeping a baby’s arms and legs tucked in helps an infant to settle and sleep, so it is little wonder that swaddling has been used by new parents for so long.

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Dog and Baby – How do I prepare my dog for a new baby?

Jan 21 2016
Dogs Trust - Be Dog Smart

If you’re expecting a baby and up until now your dog has been the baby in the family getting them ready for you’re the new arrival well in advance will make it easier on all of you.

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