How to avoid Summer regression

Aug 31 2016
London Mums summer regression blog image

JK Educate debunk the myths around your child’s education. Avoid Summer Regression! We all hear how important it is that children avoid forgetting what they’ve learned and losing their learning momentum during the long holidays. This is often called Summer Regression, which sounds quite alarming, but in truth you can prevent it very easily!

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Driving Mistakes Mums Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Aug 27 2016
driving mistakes woman

Driving is an essential part of being a mum. We drive our children to school, pick them up in the afternoon, take family trips to favourite restaurants, go grocery shopping, and drive to virtually every place we need to be. Although driving is an important skill to have for mums, there are still those who make common yet very dangerous mistakes on the road. Do you still make these driving mistakes we’re about to discuss in this article?

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3 brilliant ways to ask for help

Aug 06 2016
helping hands ask for help parenting

People often tell us they find asking other people for their time, help and support difficult. It can feel like grovelling, being demanding or disrespectful depending on how you think. This can often make requests appear clumsy and awkward. Being able to ask for help well builds relationships and is a key factor in managing your time well, as you can’t do everything yourself. Here are our top tips straight from my forthcoming book:

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