Travel with kids: Poole (Dorset) sand beaches, cruising & ghost town tours

Aug 30 2014

Poole’s official motto is Surf, Rest and Play. Whether this resonates with you or not, Poole is a great destination for families with kids of any age. The official tourism office calls Poole the Coast with the Most.

For families based in London, Poole is the ideal weekend getaway not just during a hot Summer but also in Winter and here is why.

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Recipe: Pea & Sun-dried Tomato Bread

Aug 20 2014
© Copyright Michael Powell. 17 Cow Lane, Tealby, Lincs. LN8 3YB. 01673 838040. Pea & cheese bread.

My 7 year old son loves making bread. He loves eating it. We all love eating bread in any shape or form or type of flour. We love experimenting with the ingredients too. Here is a great and relatively simple recipe for Pea & Sun-dried Tomato Bread courtesy of which mums can make with kids. 

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A Tear Free First Day at Reception

Aug 18 2014
school kids isbi image

Starting school is a milestone for both you and your child. It is a big change where you will have to start a routine, go to school every day, get used to a new and larger environment and wear uniform. While it is an exciting time, 5 years ago on my daughter’s first day in Reception she started playing and I burst into tears! So here are my top tips on how to prepare both mentally and physically for your child’s first day which I will be following this September when my son starts Reception.

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