Who was Saint George?

Apr 23 2014
Saint George

Every year on 23 April, England celebrates Saint George’s Day. But do we really know who Saint George was? Recent research shows almost quarter of primary school kids don’t know who England’s patron saint is. Let’s get some facts right about this venerable hero and martyr.

About Monica Costa

Monica Costa founded London Mums in September 2006 after her son Diego’s birth together with a group of mothers who felt the need of meeting up regularly to share the challenges and joys of motherhood in metropolitan and multicultural London. London Mums is the FREE and independent peer support group for mums and mumpreneurs based in London http://londonmumsmagazine.com and you can connect on Twitter @londonmums

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Top 10 Tips on Organising a Kids Party

Apr 20 2014
kids party

Parents dread that day of the year where they need to get a bunch of kids entertained and happy. Here are my helpful tips on organising your kids party – a step by step guide through a stress free process of planning your child’s birthday.

About Michael Rossini

I am a professional children's entertainer and director of Froggle Parties. So you might say I'm a full time clown. Married with 1 new born baby, in my spare time I also write kids songs and children's stories.

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Children and wedding – Ways to keep children at weddings happy

Apr 17 2014
children at weddings

The wedding season is almost upon us! Regardless of how detailed your wedding planning is, there is one thing you cannot control. And no, I do not mean the weather, because umbrellas can take care of that – I’m referring to having children at weddings. Some brides plan separate games for kids in order to keep them occupied, while some opt out of inviting them all together.

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Kristen Harding works for Tinies, a leading childcare specialist, with over 30 years’ experience helping families, nurseries and other childcare settings find the right childcare professionals to suit their needs; from nannies to maternity nannies, nursery staff to event nannies and everything in-between. For those hiring a nanny themselves, we provide Nanny Screening services which include Nanny CRB Checks, reference checking and provision of employment contracts. www.tinies.com

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