Recipe: Marcus Wareing’s Cheesy carrot bake

Jul 28 2014
Recipe Great British Chefs Marcus Wareing's Cheesy carrot bake

Another Great British Chefs recipe: Marcus Wareing’s Cheesy carrot bake. Yum yum! 

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Staying cool as a parent

Jul 26 2014
parent parenting keep-calm-and-silence-your-mind London Mums magazine

In an increasingly pressured, modern world parenting can one of the most rewarding, transformative journeys we can ever embark on. It can at times be one of the most stressful and challenging.

Whether you have a baby, toddler or teenager staying cool, calm and collected is the best way to ensure that your responsibility as a parent, and your opportunity to enjoy the experience of raising your child, is fulfilled.

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Want a better work-life balance? Try going slow…

Jul 24 2014

The thorny issue of work-life balance never seems to go away, particularly for working parents who are often so under pressure to stretch their time available to fit everything in that they can feel like an elastic band about to snap! Interestingly I was listening to a radio programme recently where 3 people were seeking help to slow their lives down. The volunteers had noticed how they never seemed to have enough time at work or at home to get everything done that they needed to, how their to do lists were ever growing and how those around them never received quality time from them.

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