Sep 19 2017


  There are about 6,000 different known genetic disorders in the world. It is estimated that one in 25 children in the UK is affected by a type of disorder, equating to around 30,000 babies and children being newly diagnosed each year. Some genetic disorders are apparent at birth while others are diagnosed at different stages throughout childhood, and sometimes into adulthood.

  It is in fact highly likely that every person knows at least one person in their life that has a genetic disorder, yet many people are not aware exactly what a genetic disorder is.  

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Stop self-employed mums getting a raw deal, and bag yourself a free health check

Sep 18 2017

  Self-employed new mums are suffering in silence, and we need your help to stop it, London Mums. We need your help with a quick survey and we will enter you in a prize draw to win a free heath check.  

What it’s all about

A group of GPs have launched a campaign for fairer maternity pay for self-employed mothers, after witnessing first-hand the ‘silent suffering’ that exists in terms of mental health, behind closed doors during the first six weeks of becoming a mum who runs a business.

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Natural Cycle IVF is not new

Sep 08 2017

The first IVF baby in the world was from a natural cycle in 1978 in UK. IVF (In vitro fertilisation) is a medical procedure where an egg (or eggs) is fertilised outside the body. It can be done to aid conception when couples or single women are having difficulties conceiving naturally.  

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