Are You in the Mood For Love? Aphrodisiac foods for Valentine

Feb 05 2016
woman eating Chocolate 1

The hormones testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin play an important role in mood and desire and what you eat can do more than you might image to heighten both for a memorable Valentines Day! Here are some quick, easy and delicious suggestions, most of which can be eaten with your fingers – the very last thing you need on the 14th Feb is a load of washing up!

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Dog and Baby – How do I prepare my dog for a new baby?

Jan 21 2016
Dogs Trust - Be Dog Smart

If you’re expecting a baby and up until now your dog has been the baby in the family getting them ready for you’re the new arrival well in advance will make it easier on all of you.

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Travelling with a young baby or toddler on your honeymoon

Jan 19 2016
florence honeymoon travel heart love HR

The thought of a relaxing honeymoon may have already been dashed by friends and family sharing their nightmares of travelling with children, but relax! Honeymoons and kids can work out happily ever after and that dream honeymoon you planned can be romantic and relaxing with a little advanced planning.

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