Calling all coffee lovers in London! Turn your PASSION for coffee into CASH

Oct 22 2014
PG17 Coffee Mums Image

Calling all London Mums who are Coffee Lovers! Turn your PASSION for coffee into CASH

Premium Italian coffee roaster illycaffè has launched a new initiative to give 20 mums the chance to earn money by doing what they love – holding coffee mornings for their friends and family at home, chillaxing and chit-chatting over a cappuccino.

If you want to get involved, email and let us know why, as a busy mum, coffee is so important to you.

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First aid: Preventing Halloween horrors

Oct 21 2014

Like it or not; Halloween has now become a major event and excitement in the UK. Our family have always had great fun and it is really special to dress up, go out in the dark and be rewarded by bucket loads of gooey sweets. However please be careful as Halloween is not without its dangers!

Trick or Treat should start with basic ground rules: if someone has a pumpkin and Halloween paraphernalia outside their house then it is fair game to knock on their door – if not please respect their privacy and leave them alone.

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To tutor or not to tutor? The honest tutor’s perspective!

Oct 18 2014
Mark Maclaine, 10

To tutor or not to tutor? That is the dilemma. I thought I ask honest tutor Erica Gillingham for her perspective on challenges, homework, parents’ dilemmas and the BIG question about State versus Private schooling.

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