Agony Aunt Aneliese on DIY Easter

Feb 28 2015
easter eggs

I know I say this almost every month, but April really is one of my favourite months because of a little thing called Chocolate, and also because the whole family gets together and I get to do what I do best: entertain! This month’s questions were all about home improvements, DIY Easter decorations and healthy Easter alternatives.

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Travel with kids: Roadtrip to France

Feb 25 2015
Shaun the Sheep goes to France collage

If you feel adventurous during a half term / school holiday you can take the kids on a roadtrip to France. Without much planning we decided to go skiing and sledding for a couple of days on the Mont Blanc on the French side with a few stops along the way. It’s 1000 km one way and you can get there in 15 hours with no stops.

However with young children (Diego is 8) this is unthinkable and a more traditional road trip is recommend. It is a bit too much but quite adventurous and worth doing once in a blue moon. After all it is 2000 km journey in total in just 6 days.

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A mum’s story (part 3): Tuffel and the joys of motherhood

Feb 23 2015
Clapham family 30.01.13

We all know that mothers and multi-tasking are almost synonymous. You have your baby in one arm and the washing basket under the other and try to put on your slippers whilst thinking about dinner. Hospital life was easier in the sense that the emergency situation relieves you of the house duties at least temporarily whilst you are inside the ward. There is no washing to be done, that’s piling up at home. There are no dishes to be done. They are also piling up at home. There is no ironing to be done. Who needs ironing? There is dinner to be thought of, you should eat well but I certainly couldn’t have cared less. Thank God for online shopping, family and friends.

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