DUE IN EARLY MARCH? Great opportunity and prizes for a London mum-to-be

Mar 02 2015


We’re a BAFTA nominated team of new mums working with Bare Films to make a warm short film celebrating the arrival of babies born over the course of one day.

We’re looking for a London mum-to-be due in the next few days and happy to let us capture on camera a few special moments on the day your baby is born. The filming will not be intrusive and `the footage will NOT be broadcast or used in the final film.

To say thank you to anyone who takes part, you can keep a copy of the professional footage and images we capture and we will be providing a supply of nappies to see you through the new born days.

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Paid-for media opportunity for mums who like speaking in front of a camera – Email by 16 December 2014

Dec 12 2014

Great paid-for media opportunity for London Mums who want to earn a bit of cash by just chatting about the first day of school.

London Mums are looking for fellow mums who love speaking in front of the camera for a lovely short charity film celebrating the universal significance of the first day of school.

The film will feature mums discussing why their child’s first day of school was such a key milestone in their life. We’ll see mums from around the world – India, Brazil, the UK and other countries – talking about their how it felt to see their little boy or girl go off to school on that first day.

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A heartfelt Heart for Tsunami victims

Jul 19 2014

Although it was back in 2011 that we were all horrified at the effects of the Tsunami in Japan we tend to then forget it happened and move on but the wounds it caused in people and spaces are just starting to heal.

I recently met Mary Atkinson who has been really involved in bringing some healing to Japan in the simplest yet most powerful way, through human touch. She has been a complete inspiration to me.

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