London Mums back to school newsletter

Sep 08 2016
Dear London Mums, School could not come soon enough but at the same time going back to school can be a tricky process for young children and parents. Admittedly my son and I ticked all boxes in a research from Explore Learning that has found what parents say their kids most worry about when returning to school. It's no surprise that kids dread going back to school, 56% say kids struggle to get back into the school routine, 50% say early mornings are the hardest, 50% of parents in the UK pointed to the early morning starts and a third of kids struggle to cope with the reintroduction of homework.

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London Mums’ favourite Summer holiday activities in London & beyond

Jul 11 2016

Dear London Mums

Brace yourself as school holidays officially start next week and this can only mean one thing: needy children to be entertained 24/7 for 45 days. Are you ready? Here is a list of FREE Summer holiday activities chosen by London Mums as well as ideas on how to entertain the family. The Capital is exceptionally good when it comes to free stuff. Make the most of it and enjoy some well deserved time off.

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In the latest London Mums issue … chasing Johnny Depp and other Hollywood stars

Jun 13 2016
Dear London Mums I am thrilled to announce highlights from the London Mums Summer - Autumn magazine issue including my interviews with Johnny Depp, Jon Favreau and a quick meet up with comedian Kevin Hart. The film world seems dominating our outlets more than ever this Summer simply because we love films, being entertained and having fun.

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