January Newsletter including tips on using mindfulness to live better

Jan 04 2017

Happy New Year London Mums!

In 2017 London Mums will celebrate 10 years from the start of our very own community network.

2016 has been a bumpy ride but I have started 2017 with a very positive attitude. In the next weeks I will share with London Mums my tips to keep positive despite the adversities of life and how I have turned to mindfulness to always feel cheerful. In a couple of separate posts I will explain what parents can do to improve their lives while being mindful. Watch this space!

Christmas is certainly a joyful time of family gathering for many people, but a lot of mums are exhausted over the whole Christmas period due to work events, gift stresses and travelling to see family. January should be a depressing month - many talk about the January Blues - but instead a time to regain energy.

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London Christmas 2016: Christmas & New Year’s Activities that won’t break the bank

Dec 05 2016
Dear London Mums London Christmas looks amazing and entertainment does not necessarily cost a fortune. I have listed lots of things to do over the festive period that won't break the bank.

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London Mums November newsletter including ideas for Family activities during Winter Weekends

Nov 06 2016
Dear London Mums, Winter is looming and who better than Bear Grylls can put a smile on our face. In an exclusive interview he tells us all about his parenting skills and a few behind-the-scenes gossips from his adventures. This can only mean one thing: the Winter issue of the London Mums magazine is here and in supermarkets!

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