An Italian Girl in London

Sep 09 2015

Every age has a different perspective of life. I am a teenager, the most difficult age ever.

My name is Alicia and I am Italian, from Bologna. I spent three weeks in London and I loved it!

It is absolutely an amazing city, full of people coming from everywhere, parks, events and incredible buildings. I've never been in London before and I'm thankful to London Mums Editor Monica Costa and my parents for this huge opportunity. I found myself in an other world really. My host family has been incredibly kind, my host mummy in particular, but the English way of living is absolutely different from mine.

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Kids Club: What if I had a dragon as a pet? How I trained my dragon DIARY

Jul 09 2015

I always wondered how my life would be if I had a dragon as a pet. The thought is simply magical. I have tried to figure that out for a while when Netflix sent me two dragons, Toothless and his archenemy and invited me to a 'Me and my Dragon’ challenge.

Inspired by How to train your dragon book and film series and now a new original Netflix series, I have trained my dragons to do daily tasks and live with us humans and here is my diary of the progress we have made. Dragons are amazing when it comes to fighting magical creatures and spit fire but they are a bit clumsy in day-to-day tasks.

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Mayor Of London Boris Johnson Quizzed By Children

Jun 09 2015
London children are so aware of what happens all the time. The challenges of living in such a multicultural environment make them really special. Child reporters from Kids Club in collaboration with London Mums magazine have quizzed Mayor Of London Boris Johnson on issues ranging from managing a big city like London, his aspirations as a child and his ambitions to become a Prime Minister, speaking foreign languages and which superhero he would like to be. This light-hearted honest interview is probably the most genuine Boris has ever given. Enjoy!

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