Make this Mother’s Day special for an orphan of Ebola

Mar 13 2015
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As we approach Mother’s Day this weekend, new research released by the UK Charity Street Child has found that over 7,000 children in Sierra Leone have tragically lost their mother to Ebola. The charity reports that without their mother these children now face challenges and risks threatening their survival including, malnutrition, trauma, abuse and teenage pregnancy.

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How can we save on energy bills? Tips to make our home more energy-efficient

Jan 28 2015
save on energy bills Tips to make our home more energy-efficient BOILER Unexpected Costs of Winter - Boiler Repair (FINAL)

As energy bills continue to rise, understanding how to save on energy bills becomes more important. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust highlight this, as they show that British households could save more than £325 in energy bills per year in the form of gas, electricity and petrol. This leads to potential savings of £8.6bn across the country and more money in our family pocket. In a city like London, though, it is very difficult to find a reliable firm to help out with energy efficiency around your own home. After a long search I believe I have found the right people to help me.

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Paid-for opportunity for mums & babies who suffer from dry or dry, eczema-prone skin

Jan 13 2015
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Great paid-for opportunity for mums & babies!

Do you and your mother suffer with dry or eczema-prone skin? A prestigious skincare brand is looking for women in their 30s and their mothers who suffer with dry or dry, eczema-prone skin to participate in a series of skincare videos that will sit on YouTube (fee paid)

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