Lego Car Build & Race with Mini-Engineers 17 Feb 2016 – Wimbledon

Jan 09 2016
Lego Car Build

Would your child like to learn about forces through racing LEGO cars? Does your child have a dream car that they would love to design, build and race? In this workshop, each child will be given a Mini-Engineers car kit with roughly 250 elements. We have 12 different colour car kits so there is bound to be a favourite colour for everyone – both boys and girls! They will be given the opportunity to use their imagination to build their ideal car and then test it down a ramp. Afterwards, a competition will be conducted based on distance travelled and speed. Ready….Steady….Build!

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Arty Family Fun with the Creation Station – 19 Feb 2016 Eddie Catz Wimbledon

Jan 07 2016

Arty Family Fun with the Creation Station – Join the Creation Station for some Arts & Crafts fun. With plenty of sequins, sparkles and glitter to go around it’s sure to be a creatively ‘messy’ sessions for grown-ups and children alike! 

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Dynamic Dance Frozen Workshop 18 Feb 2016 – Eddie Catz Wimbledon

Jan 06 2016

Children will learn routines and songs from the popular ‘Frozen’ movie over the course of the morning.
Children are encouraged to dress up in Frozen costumes and we will present a performance for parents at the end of the workshop!

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