Ancient Oceans

Jan 30 2016
Felix Archery-Harman fascinated by Horshoe Crabs - Creatures that have lived in the seas unchanged for millions of years - and an interactive display that includes being charged by a Megalodon delight visitors as the new Jurassic Seas display opens at SEALIFE Brighton. photo ©Julia Claxton

Ancient Oceans will immerse visitors in the fascinating history and evolution of the oceans and the creatures that live within them.

Keen investigators will be able to take part in a skeleton hunt, tasked with scouring the aquarium in search of the bones of an ancient creature.

For history hunters, there is the chance to excavate buried fossils at the Ancient Oceans dig station, with Dr Doug on hand to help young visitors examine their findings and learn more about the sea dwellers of the past.

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Outdoor weekend activities at Arundel Castle: Life in a Medieval Castle

Jan 25 2016
Life in a Medieval Castle

Spanning nearly 500 years, Raven Tor Living History Group will portray weapons, clothing, combat demonstrations and crafts from the 11th to the 15th century. From its Norman beginnings as a wood and earth fortification through to the vast stone castle of the 15th century, Arundel Castle and the families who have held the Earldom, have experienced war, plague, and revolt. The weekend is a real opportunity for visitors to see how armour and weapons changed, how the knights, archers and men-at-arms would fight, how fashion developed, and to see some of the many crafts from the Medieval Period.

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Dining in Chelsea at The Imperial is a galactic experience

Dec 17 2015
The Imperial restaurant is a galactic experience meat dishes

It’s Star Wars week. The Force is strong so I decided to dine at one of the best new restaurants in Chelsea for a galactic gastronomic experience. Dinner at The Imperial totally exceeded my expectations. I was offered food that was worth of the best Michelin star restaurant except that the price is not as high. Look away now if you haven’t eaten yet.

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