Tinkering for the 21st century, join the revolution!

Dec 15 2014
tinkering hero_ysc_static_hair_2_0_005001ae5001ae

Our children are the black box generation. With just a swipe of a finger or a click of a button they can make miraculous things happen in an instant – cartoons will start, music will play, games will appear or a grandparent’s voice will say hello. The actions are so simple, and the results so quick and gratifying, that there is no time or incentive to question how and why their action caused the result.  They experience no sense of achievement from playing a role in these phenomenal technological processes. We have lost the art of tinkering.

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A delicious Italian Christmas Menu in London

Dec 13 2014
Christmas Menu Amaretto Brioche

When in Britain you talk about Christmas Menu, turkey and Brussels sprouts spring to mind immediately. But in Italy the typical Christmas Menu does not exist as such because every region and even every city has its very own Christmas recipes.

Italian cuisine is so incredibly varied that it would be difficult to compile a comprehensive list of Christmas menus without leaving some out. But in London it is easier to find a contemporary Italian menu that is suitable for the Winter festive meals.

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West End Show review: Room on the Broom

Dec 10 2014
Production photographs for Room on The Broom,KW & NB Ltd, October 2014

If you love the book Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, you will enjoy Tall Stories’ magical musical stage adaptation. IGGETY, ZIGGETY, ZAGGETY, ZOOM – the magic of ROOM ON THE BROOM will sweep you away at the LYRIC THEATRE, SHAFTESBURY AVENUE in London West End.

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