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What to look for in a tutor

Apr 27 2017


This month, I’m following up my last blog on “When should (and shouldn’t) you tutor your child” with one that gives advice on what to look out for if you decide to find a tutor, or a tutoring company. The tremendous surge in the number of parents looking for help, assessments and tutoring, expresses their deepest desire to help their children do well, in whatever ways they can. It can really help to know the key criteria to look for and vital questions to ask when considering engaging an individual tutor or approaching a tutoring agency.  

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When should and shouldn’t you tutor your child?

Apr 06 2017
In this month’s blog, I’m going to address this key question, which is asked by many parents.

When you should tutor your child

In certain circumstances, tutoring can help a child reach their potential, but there always needs to be a justifiable reason to tutor. These reasons are likely to include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following situations:

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How to choose the right school for your child

Mar 01 2017
This article aims to shed some light on one of the biggest dilemmas for parents: How to choose the right school for your child.

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Feb 23 2017
WHEN SHOULD (AND SHOULDN’T) YOU TUTOR YOUR CHILD? HOW CAN YOU TELL IF YOUR CHILD IS REACHING THEIR FULL POTENTIAL? Local education consultancy and tutoring company JK Educate are offering local parents help finding the answers to these two key questions with a FREE EDUCATION TALK FOR PARENTS AT THE HENRIETTA BARNETT SCHOOL.

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Motivating your child

Jan 31 2017
To work hard and sustain their efforts, children need to feel confident of their success. They need to be able to manage their anxieties, frustrations and feelings of discouragement or anger. If they cannot, they will give up trying to succeed. Children need to be encouraged and inspired. They need to see the relevance of learning. If they are criticised for lack of effort, it is likely they will become more disengaged, acting defiant and rebellious. This behaviour can also provide the perfect cover to hide feelings of anxiety or inadequacy.

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