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Recipe: Marcus Wareing’s Cheesy carrot bake

Jul 28 2014
Recipe Great British Chefs Marcus Wareing's Cheesy carrot bake

Another Great British Chefs recipe: Marcus Wareing’s Cheesy carrot bake. Yum yum! 

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Behind the scenes of our JONNIE ROCKET COMIC with author John Chapman

Jul 27 2014
PG12- JONNY ROCKET INTERVIEW author and books

Now that we are at the last installment of Comic Jonnie Rocket that London Mums magazine has been publishing exclusively in the last 4 issues, I chatted to the creative mind of its creator. You can read all comics in our exclusive series in our magazine archive here.

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Recipe: Strawberry-Yogurt lollies

Jul 24 2014
Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles2_logo

This Summer is hot and we are not complaining at all! In fact the heath is a perfect excuse to make ice lollies. Check out this recipe for Strawberry-Yogurt lollies created by recipe developer and writer Andrea Lynn for Netflix to enjoy while relaxing after a long day in the sun. The kids can make them as the recipe is fairly simple.

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Summer homework ideas … in case you fear education regression

Jul 23 2014
summer homework ideas collage

I spoke with a couple of primary teachers over the years and they all confirmed that during the Summer holidays children fall behind in their spellings, writing, reading and maths by the time they return for the new school year in September. Not surprisingly this is confirmed by a research that reveals that almost half of parents (47%) are “worried” about education regression during the long school holidays. So here we present Summer homework ideas and fun workbooks you can take on holidays to both keep children entertained and help them refresh their knowledge while having fun. 

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Summer books and storytelling activities for children

Jul 23 2014
book might mo illustration

Holidays are stressful enough with kids and keeping them entertained all the time is often a challenge, let alone when you have to keep up the good work they have done at school and the teacher is not around. We have found some fun educational activities for school children to do during these school holidays. New educational titles including popular sticker books will certainly come handy.

Books and storytelling can be parents’ best companions  during the nursery or school breaks. Kids require constant entertainment and we always try to seek extraordinary forms of entertainment in the belief that we would impress them but the truth is that good books and stories are equally entertaining with the educational advantage. Here is London Mums’ recommended Summer books and stories for children by age group.

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